8 x 1080 Rig owners please chime in

Hey Guys, Looking for advice from people running 8 x 1080 ti rigs.

I’ve got 2 right now. Both setup pretty much identical
Asus Z270-a
Celeron 3.0ghz
8gb ram
1 x 1600w (5 cards, 5 risers MB, HD)
1 x 1000w (3 cards, 3 risers, fans)
8 x Asus GTX 1080 ti FE 11gb

One machine has 4 pin risers, the other has 6pin risers. The 4 pin riser machine I can bump the GPU power up to 90% and it’s solid. +200 Core, -200 Memory.

The machine with 6pin risers can only sit at 85% power with the same settings. 86% or higher causes the GPU to fail. Has anybody had bad experiences with the 6pin risers. They have some extra capacitors on them which I understood to be a good thing.

For power into the card I’m running the stock EVGA power cable that has both a 6+2 and 6 pin so all the power ports have power, and the risers are all directly powered from the PSU, no sata adapters.

I’m waiting on parts to convert the 6pin risers to 4pin risers, and I’m thinking about running a spate vga 6pin cable to each GPU as well.

Thoughts? Feedback?

Thanks for any input.

The other thing I wanted to add that I found confusing was this.

When I built my first rig it was only running the 1000w EVGA power supply and 3 GPU’s. The PSU was powering everything.

I was able to reliably run the cards at 85% power, +239 core and +350 memory. Once the machine had all 8 GPU’s there is no way I could get close to that setting.

I did change the PCI from Auto to Gen 2, but don’t know enough to know if that affected it or not.

Again any feedback or help is appreciated.