PSU connections

Hi guys, just started building my first rig and i know that you shouldn’t use sata to power the risers, i’m good there.

But, can i still use that PSU connection with a “6pin pcie to 6pin pcie” cable or a 6+2 for that mather. Also have an open 8pin pcie connection on the psu normally used for the 4+4 cpu cable.

i’m using a Corsair HX750i with 3 1080’s and a 1660’s and running out of connectors to hook up the risers and GPU’s

A 750 is probably not enough. How many 1660s?

Just 1x 1660s, if i follow the test i did on my regular pc it should be a total of about 400W running the gpu’s by itself.
Already found a post saying not to use that 4+4 connector cause the pinout is different, still wondering if you can safely use the 6-pin pcie’s connection from the peripherals.

There are adapters to convert the CPU power to 2 PCIe. It won’t work otherwise. As long as the 1080 ti’s don’t run at full power it might work. They use 250 watts each. I used a Corsair 1200 in 2018 to power 6 1080’s and it would shut off. I think EVGA power supplies are more accurately rated. For the 1080 ti’s I would use a 6 pin for the risers. You can use 8 pin to 6 pin splitters since an 8 pin can do twice the power of a 6 pin.

I couldn’t get a ti down to 100 watts. It was about 160 watts to keep it stable.