9 days unconfirm transaction

I did a transaction on 07/04 but it has no confirmation.

Inputs / Outputs= 416/3

no wonder…i’ve been there and it took me days to solve it

here’s what i do,
1.save both private keys ( sender and receiver) address
2.Backup the wallet.dat too.
3.then delete “Blocks” and “Chainstate” folder from Zcash folder(users>appdata>roaming>zcash).
4.Resync Winzec to 100%
5.Use Import one private Keys and import the receiver private keys first then the sender address
6. You should see the balance is still on the Sender address
7. Try create a new address and send small amount to it to test if the balance is really back
8. Never send big amount in one go until overwinter upgrade completed(june). From my experience big amount+ bigger fee will result the same. My safe spot is 1Zec at a time with 0.0001 fee

Above steps if the case is you send from between your own wallet, if not then try skip import the receiver address part (i never done it) . Hope it helps

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I don’t know anything about technical things in blockchain and this will happen to the sender address after you moved the stuck Zec, so personally i will advice you to dispose the sender address after and never use it again, just in case…