Unconfirmed transaction-Accelerator services?

Sent some Zec to Bitfinex and have 0 confirmations over 1 week later. Funny thing is that I sent .01 zec as a test first and it went through within an hour. I used the same procedure each time but I’m new so I probably missed something. Bitfinex support says that I could wait and the Zec would eventually be returned to me due to being unconfirmed for too long, OR- I could use an accelerator service to try and push the transaction through. I’m from the U.S. so due to Bitfinex closing to US customers I only have until November 10th to get this done. My question is has anyone been in this position and used an accelerator for Zec? If so, recommendations? I’ve seen some for Bitcoin but not Zec. I would love to just get it confirmed on Bitfinex so I could withdraw it back to my wallet. Thanks in advance people!

I am having the same situation with you and my zcash stucks for two weeks and gets unconfirmed.

May I know how you to solve this problem. Thanks in advance

My problem has not been resolved. I am not sure how to settle this issue. I still have some Zec just floating around out there somewhere according to Bitfinex.

I have 9 unconfirmed for more then 24h transactions sent to bitfinex, one of them got confirmed, but still not on the balance and is shown “unconfirmed” in bitfinex account

L2k4fc, today is 30 november. Whether your transaction to Bitfinex has been confirmed and when?

Guys, I have the same problem with Bitfinex and ZEC. But even did not any answer from support. Any ideas how to proceed? Thanks

@ MMaker- Sorry for the delayed reply. My Zec has not been confirmed according to Bitfinex. Nor has it been returned to me the way they said it would be. In my Wallet however it says “confirmed”.

To me it feels like it was stolen by Bitfinex. If anyone could comment on how I might be able to prove that, I am all ears.

I have a same problem. I have sent 1.9 ZEC since 14 Dec and now it is still unconfirmed from Bitfinex.
Is there any way to make it clear that a Zcash transaction is complete from blockchain and Bitfinex has to take responsibility about this problem?
This is my transaction:
The number of confirmations is still increasing by time so I do not know it is complete or not.

However I tried to send another amount of 0.03 Zcash after that. I got confirm quickly from Bitfinex and the number of confirmations is still increasing by time.

Is there any one who get solved this problem? I withdrawed all my remaining money from Bitfinex but I am worry that I may lost 1.9 ZEC.