A Future Friendly Fork blog

We just published a short blog post around the concept of a “future friendly fork”: A Future Friendly Fork - Electric Coin Company

Would love to hear feedback in this thread on the idea of chain forks to support “deploying different technologies, well-fitted to different needs, but continuing to be tolerant and cooperative with one another”.


In your blog are you talking about a new fork made by the zcash team?

Or are you (also) talking about future community forks?

What is your stance about Zclassic (ZCL)? Is this also a “future friendly fork”?


It could be either — Zcash team or others could be the developers or drivers behind a future friendly fork. I consider the Zclassic folks to be friendly, and it is a fork of the codebase, but it is not a fork of the blockchain. Instead it created a new blockchain with a new genesis block. Still a good example though, of the benefits of friendliness — the Zclassic team and the Zcash team have benefited each other by comparing notes about bugs.