A nod to Zcash from Bitsquare


Good to see Manfred is committed to getting the coin on his Bitsquare. Liquidity will be limited for sometime, so peer-to-peer (with the safety of built-in escrow) could be the way to go during the early days.

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Bitsquare is a great tool by the way, even in this stadium :slight_smile:

Morning, Voluntary. I opened that thread, and I’m as enthusiastic about Zcash now as I was then; but Bitsquare is just unnecessarily user-unfriendly, so I’m takin’ a rest from it, and will invest my energy here instead.

[You will also find us IndiaMikeZulu guys here: Decentralised-Liquidity Exchange -- 'D-L-Ex' ]

give it some time IndiaMilke , it is in an early stage.

Morning, LiteCoinGuy. Yeh, I sure do intend to see how things go there in the mid-term: no doubt about it, ‘dexchanges’ are the future.

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And we got some love this morning at: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/4zqdbh/what_are_peoples_general_thoughts_on_the_soon_to/