Zcash price holding up?

I have been closely keeping track of the price of various large and small over the past few days and I’ve noticed that (especially in the last 24h) ZEC has been holding up well. It has managed to gain a little in the last 24h, any speculation as to why Zcash seems to show some resistance to this trend of steep, steady decline among the larger cryptocurrencies? (Referring to the last 24h)

Well it has already fallen a lot (could partially be due to poloniex and bittrex, and maybe a little to do with alphabay shutting down). I think it will bounce back very strongly after Bitcoin bounces back.

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I agree, the price flow is pretty much like Bitcoin.

Zcash, Ethereum, ETC, Litecoin, Monero all go with BTC flow.

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all going with the Bitcoin flow seems to be quite true but for me that raises big question/s…how many you and me’s are investing in all these and buying and selling them at very similar times and very similar points?

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that’s exactly what comes to my mind from time to time…