A Partnership with ProtonMail

Has anything from OP been verified? If not, this appears to have been a budget troll attempt in which case this thread should be removed.


I looked it up and Lockheed no longer owns Neustar, it’s owned by one of the major US credit agencies (think credit scores) Transunion. They also were involved in a project to help hollywood institute DRM schemes and also played a role with providing SMS services to the major telecom companies.

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Sounds interesting and troublesome at the same time. Im a protonVPN user so was curious if you can make these sources available. After some digging I still can’t find anything on this.

You know, it’s funny you’d say that, but actually I put a breadcrumb link here in a message and it was removed by the staff. I’ll speak to these two things in turn.

First, a caveat, I’m a developer but not highly trained infosec person, so take it FWIW. Now, here’s some links.

The last snapshot, October 31, 2021, mentions Neustar by name.

Hackernews discussion: this is the link I shared that was flagged as off-topic and removed.

For more background, some of the ownership facts stated here I dug into more and checked out.

And for good measure, this wasn’t what I was talking about above, but another case, in which Proton gave up an IP address of a user to French authorities. This article also cites the wayback machine. :slight_smile:

About the post being removed… I realize a bunch of sequential messages beating the same drum isn’t the best… but a discussion around “A Partnership with Protonmail”… The message I got about it said " Your post was flagged as off-topic: the community feels it is not a good fit for the topic, as currently defined by the title and the first post. This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it." I’m new here and I could see it being a situation of “cut this person off, they’re spamming” but then I don’t think I was off topic, I think I was contributing valid info that people hadn’t… in this privacy oriented community for the last 2.5 weeks…

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Hi Layman, again I may have screwed up the forum best practices by posting twice, but I put your answer above, I just forgot to make that a “reply”. :slightly_smiling_face:

There is no response yet from OP. This feels like a false lead to me because I could spend 10 minutes today and build and account named “real_TeslaPR_rep” and post that Tesla is also interested in discussing Zcash integration. This thread should probably be closed

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@dodger said he reached out and @joshs said that @BethECC would be in contact with OP. It’s been 2+ weeks since this was posted. Does anyone have feedback or communications to report?


In progress. Stay tuned.


Partnership with Mullvad next, please.


Just a quick update here:

@decentralistdan and I had a great meeting with Proton and are actively working on putting together a proposal for them. Very excited about moving this one forward and will keep you all posted.

If you guys have any more suggestions or feedback, shoot me a message - I love ideas and feedback! beth@z.cash. or beth@electriccoin.co. Or message me here!


Is this matured to the point of being a formal thing with accompanying ECC blog post/ twitter thread/ etc etc?


That’s a great question!

I think it’s too soon for that but once Dan and I have collected feedback on the proposal from the team at Proton, we will be in a better position to outline next steps. Right now, the conversations are still exploratory as the Proton team is also working on their own internal strategies and roadmaps.


We cant give feedback if we dont know what its about…

Very good idea,

I’m a proton user since a long time and it will be a very good integration as it will bring more people to the eco-system

Best regards,