A Partnership with ProtonMail

Hi all,

I represent ProtonMail, the leading provider of secure and private email. We like what the Zcash community is doing as a privacy protecting currency, and are interested in exploring a partnership.

There are a range of ways we can potentially do this, from offering discounts to members of the community and/or integrating Zcash payments.

Who would be the best people to discuss this with?



Welcome to the forum!

As a protonmail user, this is great to hear! You can contact @joshs at Electric Coin Co (ECC) or @winfred at Zcash Foundation (ZF). FYI, ECC and ZF are two major entities that contibute to Zcash.

You can also contact them directly on their respective website Contact Information - Electric Coin Company - Electric Coin Company and FAQ - Zcash Foundation


I’ve messaged @Protonprivacylover privately to discuss how we could work together.



@BethECC from ECC will reach out as well. She heads strategic alliances and has a program in place for partnerships and co-marketing.


Proton :handshake: Zcash


This is a match made in heaven! My proton subscription renews later this year and it would be awesome if I could pay it with Zcash.

This would be a win/win for both “encrypted “ communities!!!


Welcome @Protonprivacylover!

Like other members of the Zcash community, I am also an active user of ProtonMail and all Proton services.

It is a great joy to read your message on the Zcash community forum. It’s good to know that the requests made by the community (myself included) on the ProtonMail forum and on Twitter to integrate Zcash as a payment method in ProtonMail may soon be possible.

I hope you come to a good partnership agreement between ECC, ZF and ProtonMail.

It would be great to pay for Proton services with Zcash.

If this comes to fruition, the Zcash Ambassadors team will give full support in promoting this alliance.


Longtime Proton Plus subscriber here. I’d would happily upgrade a second account if it could be paid with Zcash!


I love history and although this forum post is not about history, I just want to leave these memories about the request the Zcash community has made to ProtonMail (maybe since 2018) about integrating Zcash as a payment method for their services.

So we hope this alliance will happen soon :pray:. Proton and Zcash have the same values and goals. They each offer a service that empowers, protects and gives freedom to all equally, upholding fundamental human rights. It would be great if they could create an alliance for the benefit of privacy for all humanity.

2018 (Eric Vaughan): Please add a Zcash donation address! – Customer Feedback for Proton

2019 (Yoditar): Zcash: crypto to support ProtonMail – Customer Feedback for Proton

2020 (Elena): Accept Zcash as a payment option! – Customer Feedback for Proton

2020 (PayWithZcash): https://twitter.com/paywithzcash/status/1334614434967379968

2022 (Zcash Español): https://twitter.com/zcashesp/status/1514420632729100292

And many more on Twitter:


Cool ~ hopeful see this ASAP.


Being able to send money within the Proton mail client could be a nice feature (like how Gmail does/did?)


Being able to pay for Protonmail with Zcash would be even nicer


Woow! Awesome! Love the new Proton upgrades btw!


Is this legit? Or is this a troll post?

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I think the best feature protonmail could add would be for me to let strangers pay to send me something. A z2z mailbox where I set the rate that it cost to reach out :slight_smile:


Just you? :joy:

In all seriousness though I think adding new value add features like this would be wicked. Give Zcash users an added incentive to change mail providers, and give mail users incentive to buy some ZEC.

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Has anyone from PM confirmed the authenticity of this post?


Awesome opportunity if real! Tutanota and mailfence would also be cool.

What good news that this can come to fruition!

Here I need to say, I was disappointed to note during my independent research, that protonVPN not only silently leaked in a lot of default setups, but that it also partnered with Lockheed Martin (USG “defense” contractor) subsidiary Neustar for “scrubbing” proton traffic for “DDOS protection.”

Not a great look for proton, and it wouldn’t be a great look for Zcash, ZCF etc either to just jump on that bandwagon.

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