A sub for Zcash mining! /r/ZcashMiners

The plan is to use this sub to share ideas, hardware specs, strategies and discuss your Zcash mining rig setup.

The sub layout will be improved as time goes on and more people become interested in Zcash.

I’m interested in talking to other mining enthusiasts that might like to help me grow and moderate this sub.


Nitpick: It’s “Zcash”, not “ZCash”.

Updated it but its not changing.

Maybe it takes a little bit to propagate.

Nope, can’t be changed.

Few options to choose from:


Will see which one starts to take hold I guess.

I like /r/ZcashMiners the best.

If you are in need of another moderator to help keep the place nice and tidy, I have a lot of experience with it and am currently moderating a few other coins. :slight_smile:

Send me a pm to u/Acidyo

And this is a great idea btw, reddit is a great place for adoption and activity. :slight_smile:

I like /r/ZcashMiners also, and I have started posting there.

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/r/ZcashMiners it is, I’ll tidy up the other subs so they redirect to that one.


Mod request sent, welcome on board!

The mods team grows, we just need some quality content in the sub now!

A beginner mining guide added to the sub courtesy of minezcash.com