A9 ZMaster full memory / memory leakage on FLYPOOL


I have tried mining ZEC on several pools,
only on flypool I have memory full issue.
I have to reboot manually once within 24 hours.

Does anybody faced such problem and any advice how to solve it?


I guess all A9 have this issue. Don’t know why, but I thinks its something to do with cooling.

I use smart plugs to reboot, luckly I have really cold mining farm (around 0°) and have to reboot once every 4-5 days now. In summer I used to reboot daily…

I have also experience the same, I hope that they can work with this issue.

I have sent about 5-10 mails to Innosilicon support.
But I did not get any reply about this problem (

Does anybody know some one from Innosilicon?