Z9 and A9 debug on Slush Pool

Hello miners, Slush Pool here.

Is there a proud owner of Z9 or A9 that would be willing to help us with debugging? :slight_smile:

We would really appreciate your help and we only need few minutes of your work.

Please contact us here and we will let you know what to do: https://support.slushpool.com/conversation/new

Thank you!

If you still need help on Monday when I receive mine Iā€™d be happy to.

We have gathered the necessary data for Z9 and we are working on a fix.

As for Innosilicon A9 ZMaster, we would still appreciate your help!

Hello, just wanna let you know that we investigated it and the A9 ZMaster works flawlessly on Slush Pool.

Check out the Getting started guide for Zcash if you want to join our pool. Please contact our support team in case you encounter any issue.

How about a 1% fee?

2% is way to high.

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