Who is mining with Innosilicon A9

Since difficulty is goes up, mining profit with A9 is going down (((
Did anyone over-clocked A9?

You can overclock but you’re not going to get much more out of it

These is about what you’re going to get per day…

I apologize that I am writing in an irrelevant topic, do you think it is worth buying this A9 for mining now?

A9++ would be the one to buy now

by the way, did anyone updated A9 ZMaster firmware from b29+_20181023_130635 to b29+_20190419_062649?

I still have the one from 20181023
and Dashboard says it is not needed )

I recently upgraded (May 1st) from firmware b29+_20181023_130635 to Firmware b29+_20190419_062649. It made an improvement for me in at least one important area. Previously, when the miners’ memory approached the 100% level, they would sometimes change to the static IP mode and eventually keep running, but no mining was taking place. Once they entered that condition, I had to manually restart them; very inconvenient. But since the firmware upgrade, that scenario has been corrected.

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Last I checked (several days ago) Innosilicon is no longer shipping any A9s. A9++ is my first choice, but the late shipping date in July makes the A9+ a viable alternative if you want something in place weeks earlier.

Any one bought A9++?
pls, share your opinions…

Yes, received 3 days ago. Quite to long to receive them :frowning_face:
They work pretty well and reach the optimal hashrate faster than the original A9 version.
They mine @ 160 ksol/s more or less, but flypool was unable to accept more than 80% of my shares :frowning:
It seems that mininpoolhub works better in my case.