About BTC-e problem

As some of you may know BTC-e currently has problem with law. Do you think investor/depositor will lose their coin in BTC-e?
By the way, are there any points to trust the legit exchanger? Like Poloniex, Bitstamp, Kraken...?

This has taught me to only keep day trading funds at exchanges. Keep rest in wallets where you would always have access. Even Web wallets are better than exchanges. US can simply send a warrant and shut entire exchange down.


main point of "trusting" a "legit" exchange like kraken is they're compliant with existing laws.. so, a large trader's KYC (CYA) is basically automated through the exchange. this makes it "safer" for large money to exchange with other KYC compliant traders.. could look really bad for a large trader to sell +$100K to a nefarious actor; in the eyes of the law.

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