Choosing the right wallet and exchange site

Hey guys, I’m kind of a newbie in mining (been mining zcash for 2 weeks now with 3x1080Ti).
I’ve tried quite a lot of wallets from BitGo to Nicehash, but neither of them proved stable and safe enough for me. Same applies to exchange sites such as Coinbase ( with its repeating indetify bugs). The current way I’m withdrawing money is selling ZEC on (which has a sales price around 50$ below market price) from a Jaxx wallet which I’m mining into. I’d like to find a trustworthy,and fast (by fast I mean 1-2 days instead of months) wallet and exchange site as soon as possible, both for selling and buying coins in the future.
Could you guys share your opinions with me?
I’m from the EU btw, so using SEPA is an okay option.
Thanks in advance!

EU + SEPA + never hacked

I heard that they have huge transaction delays, with a support team who doesnt answer in months. Is it any true or safe to use?

These features are for Poloniex, not for Kraken :wink:

For me its opposite way around… poloniex never gave me an issue while on Kraken couldnt get verification done… maybe bittrex?

I personally do not like and will never use Jax (mainly because of their fees for some coins), why not use the zcash windows or ubunta local based wallet? Its local to your CPU, you are are in control of it, and you can still send the zec where ever you like to sell.

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i choose to believe in bittrex because they havent given me any problem and poloniex keeps updating me that my account has been logged in even when i have not logged in for 3 days. account freeze

You’re going to find that ALL major exchanges are experiencing the same issues. This is due to the massive uptick in people running to make accounts to cash in on the current crypto-craze. Some are worse than others and some are only slightly better.

I waited about 2 weeks for my Tier 3 approval from Kraken. I messaged their support team twice. Their responses were delayed by a few days, but I did receive a response. Both times extremely professional and friendly. I’ve not had issues with Kraken since being validated. Transactions have been swift but obviously rely on the whether there are delays on the blockchain confirmations. The same as anywhere else.

I’ve gotten into the habit of setting up an account anywhere I come across (Bittrex, Poloenix, Kraken etc) and validating accounts wherever I’m able to so that I’m not ever left without an option.