Been mining to Poloniex, should I switch?

Been depositing all ZEC payments to my Poloniex account, but with all transactions disabled this week and having read people losing some transfers, am getting paranoid and considering to switch. Should I? Have heard good things of Kraken and Bittrex.

Edit: I’ve seen a couple of other similar threads, but am curious to see what everyone uses if not Poloniex.

Right now i am using an offline wallet, and changelly if i want to exchange the ZEC for any other currency, also bittrex is a good option, but their exhange tool is not enabled right now.

PD: hope polo issues get fix this week.

Never use an exchange’s wallet for your mining reward payouts.

I agree. It’s just temporary while my ledger nano arrives (it’s been two months)

May I ask why? I figured it would be easiest to utilize an exchange to convert the reward payouts to BTC, and then to USD so I could pay back my rig investment. Is there a more prudent course of action?

Because things like polo could happen and all your rewards are stuck. Happened to me awhile back.

is jaxx wallet fine to send my zcash mining then do exchange on whatever trade platform ? Am new to mining so just wondering.

The zcash eventually deposits in the Poloniex wallet, right? It sucks though, having that money stuck and nothing to do

Like Blue said. Look at the history of exchanges with fiat: MtGox, Crytpsy, Bitfinex, and Bithumb (just a week ago). Hold on to what you own until you want to spend it.

Jaxx is a centralized wallet, which means you’re trusting a 3rd party to store your coins safely.