Wallet question


currently I’[m farming with suprnova and let it on there until I want to sell it.
But I want to change to flypool in order to test it. Do you guys recommend doing it to first to a wallet and then to a exchange or directly to poloniex? do you guys even recommend poloniex because of the “customer service” or go with a bit lower price and stick with bittrex?

I recommend a wallet. Then from the wallet you can send to a variety of exchanges. This gives you an advantage because if you send funds to Poloniex, there is a fee to withdrawal (although very small).

yea but I want withraw the zec just the btc after selling it

At the end of the day it’s all up to you. If you send your funds directly to an exchange you have the added risk of that exchange holding your funds. On the contrary if you send your funds directly to your wallet you maintain control. Have you tried Jaxx Wallet? It’s easy to use and check with your PC and mobile devices.

okay yes I have jaxx but the problem is with jaxx is that your wallet id changes sometimes

I’ve never had that issue but thanks for the heads up.

Jaxx is an HD wallet and creating new addresses is a feature, not a bug. That said, the Jaxx team explicitly state that the wallet should not be used for mining. Run Zcashd or mine to an exchange.

I have been using Poloneix as my zcash wallet for quite some time now. Happy user.

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