Is it safe to use Molex-8pin PCIE connectors?

Hey everyone!

I’m in the process of building a 1080 TI rig. Bottleneck I’m running into is PSUs. I’m finding most of the 750-1000W only have 4 8 pin connectors which would only run 4 cards if I’m using 2 PSUs. I was thinking of maybe connecting one card to a molex or SATA adapter to power it. I know people ruin cars by chaining them together or plugging them all into the same cable. Would it be safe to plug the adapter into 2 separate molex/sata plugs from different cables?

Main reason I want to do this is I’m finding high wattage PSUs are difficult to come by and mega expensive. If anyone has suggestions for a PSU model that would do what I need out of the box it’d be appreciated!

EVGA 1300w, decent price, 6 vga plugins… make sure the GPU is a 8+6 or 6+6

besides you can’t run four 1080 ti’s on a 1000w psu

Oh I didn’t realize there was an 8 pin to 8+6 adapters with the cards, hadn’t picked em up yet. I see why people complain about the x 8 pin cards now.

I decided to run 2 750w Corsair platinums. 10 year warranty and about 300 for the 2 with 5 VGA ports each.

@CanGuitarGuy How are you linking your PSUs
I just posted about this :slight_smile:

I’ve used the Add2PSU adapter in the past and they work very well. There is a cheaper knockoff on Amazon but I’ve 0 experience with it.