Adding GTX960 mining software not recognizing

Was running a miner on an old gaming desktop for hobby mostly and found a GeForce GTX960 for $90 so I’m trying to add it as a second device. Windows device manager recognizes it and all drivers are updated but I can’t get any mining software to recognize it. I’ve tried nheqminer ewbf and claymore. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong or how to fix the issue? If I can provide more information let me know and I’ll try. Any thoughts or ideas are much appreciated! Thanks

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Just for your information Nheqminer is a dead software, claymore only works for Nvidia with ETH
and EWBF should work.

What is your o/s?
SS of your display adapters showing system see’s both gpu’s?
What is the other GPU?
copy of your config/start bat

Thanks so much for the response. My o/s is Windows 10.

I tried to upload the screenshot showing both drivers. The other gpu is an Nvidia 1050.

I’ll have to follow up regarding the bat config file I’m going to have to figure out how to make a copy of that. Thanks again!

Also update after reinstalling drivers and restarting the system, ewbf now recognizes the 960 but it’s only getting 5-7 sols/s which I was expecting closer to 150 but maybe I was mistaken. The 1050 is getting around 140-155 sols/s also with ewbf. Also fwiw the 1050 is installed in the 16x slot and the 960 is in a 1x slot with a riser.

your getting there…
Just making sure it is windows 10 64b, yes?

Also did you follow the setup instructions in the readme file for multiple GPU’s? This is probably the reason your H/s is low

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Yes 64 bit Windows. No I did not follow any directions for second gpu. I couldn’t find any. Watched a few videos on YouTube and tried to follow but nothing that was super helpful. I couldn’t find a readme file in the ewbf miner download. There was a help file which I just read and did not see anything reference adding a second gpu. Where can I find the readme file you are referring to?

there is a file in the folder you downloaded with the EWBF program and bat file(s) that says Readme!!!.txt

are you running version 12.6 ?

The version I downloaded only had a help file not a readme and no the version is 0.3.4b.

This is a screenshot of the ewbf miner files I’m using it’s version 0.3.4b from github. I searched but could not find a version 12.6 or a readme for ewbf. Based on the readme for claymore I changed my virtual memory to 16 gb. After restarting its back to not recognizing a second CUDA device at all. Tried reinstalling and restarting again but nothing. I appreciate all the help so far and if there’s anything else I’m missing or anything else anyone can think of for me to try that would be awesome! If there is an updated version of ewbf could someone point me in the right direction to find it?

Thanks so much!!!

My apologies, I’ve been dealing with claymore software and AMD cards my brain was a little slow.
EWBF is 3.4 and again your correct the file isn’t there so here…

Set the following environment variables


For multi-GPU systems, set Virtual Memory size in Windows at least 16 GB:
“Computer Properties / Advanced System Settings / Performance / Advanced / Virtual Memory”.

Had to remove the second gpu and reinstall it to get the miner to recognize it again.

Added those environmental variables to the start.bat and changed virtual memory to 16gb minimum 24 gb maximum.

And sols/s increased from 7 to 13 lol. Is it worth switching positions of the two gpu’s? In other words putting the 960 in the 16x slot and the 1060 in the riser?