9 GPU Windows Asus Z270A

I currently have a rig with 8 GPU 1080 TI FE running on Asus prime Z270A, this board has 7 pci + 2 m.2 ports, on one of those ports m.2 is the eighth card, I want to enable a ninth card and I have read that Windows only recognize it if it is another brand, so I’m dealing with a rx asus strix without success, does anyone have an idea?

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I forget where but someone had a reason in this forum as to why the second m.2 port cannot support a GPU. I will try and look for it but you look as well in case I can't find it. :laughing:

I think because the one that can support the GPU is a certain kind of m.2 port. But still check

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The truth is that in the following video, it is evident that the second port if it detects the gpu, the idea is not to have to use the pci extender that enables 3 more ports because they are delayed in arriving from china

I would think it necessary to enable something special is the bios

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Hmm that is a first. I have never seen that. @cryptomined have you had success with this?

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Ok guys, it was the riser that was failing, I got windows to recognize the 480 strixx, now as I do to mine only with that card since it is the only amd, and ebfw does not recognize me, there I am mining zec

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he is in linux, not windows
did you get 9 working in windows?

Yes, windows detects the ninth card but as long as it is amd, if I put another nvidia freezes when starting windows.

The problem now is that I use ewbf to mine zec with 1080ti, but that miner does not detect the amd, I’m trying to use claymore for amd (only amd) and does not recognize it, what other option do I have?

This is what I get in claymore

Thanks for your help

are you using "-di 0" swtich in claymores?
device ID 0


-di 0 to claymore, see if that gets it going.

if it wont work in claymore ZCashminer - stick it on claymores ETH miner

is optiminer still in development? you can try that... i didnt see it in bitcointalk last i checked though, so not sure whats up with that mining program, though the last version hashes as well as claymores so if you can find that try it

It is as if windows will not assign an ID to the AMD gpu, try claymore for ether and zec, and the result is the same, any additional suggestions?

try optiminer

Ok guys, I got to run the nine GPUs (8 nvidia + 1 amd), the disadvantage now is that in the msi burner only let me configure the nvidia, the amd appears all locked

What do you think ??

By the way the problem that did not start the amd in claymore was because I was installing the manual driver, I did with the installer and everything worked without problems

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can you snap a picture on the board that you have make the 9 gpu