Mining with two different GPUs

Hey guys,
I’m new to Zcash mining, and yesterday I’ve started to mine for the first time.
I’m using my Nvidia GTX 960 4gb GPU for that and with a bit of overclock, it says that I’m getting around 165 sol/s, which I see is nice speed.
But I also have a good working Radeon 280x card, and I was wondering if theres a way to combine both of them to work together.
I’m using the EWBF Cuda 0.3.4b miner and it says something like: “GPU0: 165 Sol/s”, so my best guess is that this mining software can support multiple GPU’s.

What your thoughts?

Ewbf is for Nvidia Cuda only. There is some claymore version supporting both Nvidia and AMD but speed might be better with two dedicated miner.

For AMD/ ATI I recommend try (first) optiminer then claymore or genoil miner.

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Thanks for replying.
But can they both sit inside the same PC and one function using the CUDA miner and the other one using the Optiminer / Claymore?

Yes. That’s how you would run both nVidia and AMD cards in the same machine.

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I have a nvidia and amd when i run them in same pc it comes up with a black screen tells me to press f1 butit cant detect my mouse or keyboard