Admin plz stop those Korean SPAM

Our forum will be ruined…


@Shawn @moderators @paige

Yes, please stop that retarded

We have been spam bombed by Korean freedom fighters!!

Ugh, so horrible…I private messaged @Shawn I hope the admins do something soon!

We are working to get rid of this mess. The Spam filters are not working well.

It’s no fun waking up in the morning to 128 flags and PM’s :sweat:


We’ve been dealing with this sort of spam for the past week or so. @neo I understand your frustrations but that last comment was inappropriate. If you’re going to comment, please be productive in the conversation.

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Only the spammers which i specify. I know its inappropriate. apologies.

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Now they are getting a taste of spam from asia…
told them it was not funny
genesis mining used to be no better… spam spam spam spam… it does get annoying

If you would like to appt some warriors to take action on the spam and break out the work I’m sure you have some folks you can trust in the community.
Good luck. I sent some flags yesterday. Was worried it was something worse than a spam attack. Good luck folks.

@shawn and @paige I’d be willing to volunteer for moderator/admin duty, especially to help fight spam posts! I keep very odd/irregular hours, as I’m collaborating on various Zcash-related projects with people in timezones all over the world, so I would have been able to help scrape out that last batch of spam, for instance, before you guys were up.


David Mercer
Tucson, AZ


Ugh, another big batch of automated spam! admin, I’ll GLADLY moderate such stuff after midnight here in the US!!!

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In China too. I’ll be glad to fight with those bots.

Those are online gambling spams. I doubt if they really want to advertise their casinos.
Maybe the target is to ruin the reputation of zcash? By invading its official forum? Price drop?

Hope I’m worrying too much.

Seriously, admins plz enable captcha…

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I also offered my assistance in dealing with this problem


I suggest to disable auto approve for new topics ( temporary ) I can also provide my support in order to clean spam posts.

Was this plugin enabled : GitHub - discourse/discourse-akismet: give spam a whoopin ?

Much spam, many wow
20 chars

@shawn Just block the IP range via iptables if the spamfilter does not catch those.

Whow, a new batch of Spam is landing right now. :confused:

Those guy create random posts at first and edit it to these spams.
That’s why spam filter is not working…May be.

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Just match on 10 or so common korean characters and prevent post from ever completing. Not that difficult.

Admins should turn off post edits, then. If they can’t edit, they have no economic incentive to continue.

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