Advice before and after the hard fork

Hello community!

I’d like to open a thread related to what to do and what not to do before the fork of ZEC. This will help our newer members and the newcomers to the cryptocurrency field.

As a regular user, who has a wallet such as Zcash4win, do they need to do something special? What about a user who has a Trezor wallet?

Will it be the same as when BTC forked back in the summer? Will it create a new currency?

Any other advice you could give to the people here, please post it.

Thank you!

P.s. Sorry if there is a similar thread out there like this. I will delete it if so.

HI, I even didn’t know that a zec fork was coming lol. on trezor, the team added an option to claim bth and btg. So probably they will do the same for zec.

What do we do? A simple and easy to follow guide from ZCash people would help if we have to do something.

This link to a post by Paige has a little bit of information…

I read a bit. It’s a software fork. We have nothing to do.

The Overwinter information portal and blog announcement.

Let us know if those don’t cover the info you’re looking for.

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