Advice for my first mining rig

Any advices for our friend who is about to get started mining? If you speak spanish, please reply there, otherwise I’m gonna translate the responses to spanish for him and for future visitors.

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Update to a base pentium class processor. It’s not needed but it does offer a little more kick and can usually be found from $0 to $11 more.

If possible buy the water cooled version of the card over the fan cooling. They use a little less TDP and less heat into the room and get a few more h/s. If not possible then make sure the GPU’s have at least two cooling fans, three is optimal. You will be unhappy with a single fan cooled gpu.

If you have the ability to attach case fans to your rig to push/pull air do so. You will be amazed at the difference your gpu’s will run adding this simple item. Picture shown is of one I was building a few weeks back, only picture I had available to visually demonstrate what I am talking about.


Congrats. Looks very nice.

I was wondering,
What are the temperatures the GPUs keep with the case fans?
How are the Asus GPUs doing in terms of SOls? Hynix or Micr/Sams?

65c-72c running around 700-750 H/s @ 90% power

I could get more but was running into a little bit of a heat issue running everything at 105% to 115% power

That is interesting…I would assume that your room is hotter may be ?
Have you tried running the setup without the “case fans”? just to compare temps.

my house/room temp is 25C, and the cards with 55-65% GPU fan keep all between 55 to 63 max temp C.

I was thinking of adding additional fans on the “mining case” and it will be interesting for a test to see how much lower temp I can get…I want to get all cards at 55 max without pushing GPU fans to 70s % :slight_smile:
if it work in my case…because as I said my room temp is pretty low. My AC is “on” all the time.

One thing …assuming your “Case” fans are lower RPMs, correct?
my point is the GPU fans “need” fresh air but that air has to be “available” - i.e. it does not have to be super “speedy” passing through… If its too ‘speedy’ it may even have negative effect.

resolved the heat issue, I opened a ceiling tile thinking the hot air would rise up and keep things cooler. Closed it and temp in the room dropped 4f degrees