My first rig! 6200 Sol/s

Anyone have any good OC numbers for Strix 1070 in EthOS?



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Damn dude, I like it. Im working on a 7 * 1070 rig right now. But I have G1s. Havent had it stable past 480 per card.

globalpowertune 220
globalmem 4600

How many cards? There Asus GTX 1070 Strix?

what’s your power draw for each card?

13X 1070 STRIX
165W per card (2145W total)
1X 2400W 240V PSU
H110 Pro BTC+ MoBo

globalminer ewbf-zcash
maxgputemp 75
globalfan 85
globalmem 4300
globalpowertune 200
stratumproxy enabled

I am having issues with EthOS. Whenever I have more than 11 cards plugged in (doesn’t matter which cards or slots) I get weird errors booting and the fans do not ramp up. I have to run “sudo ethos-overclock” to get the fans to ramp. If I boot with 11 cards or less there are no boot errors and the fans ramp and mining starts normally every time. Here is a pic of the errors…

do you have free electricity?

No, and I have done some tweaking and have the card wattage down to 140 per card now and 6000 sol/s which is not too bad. My power cost for generation+distribution is $0.13 KW/h

I like the plastic frame, where’d you find that?

It’s just one section of a 5 piece shelving unit from Home Depot, I figured if I build it to fit I can make more and have a pre-designed stackable system :ok_hand:

Hi nvemberdelta241,

Before you execute “sudo ethos-overclock” do you see all of your cards in the main background screen of Ethos but some of them have “Fan: 0.0” value, and also temperature is 0?? Or you do not see cards at all?

Power cost is an orgasm and your 2kW for 6000 sol/s is really good, i wish you the best with your minings!

I’ve actually managed to get down to about 1750W while still keeping about 5950-6000 sol with a little more OC tuning, takes a while to find a sweet spot but I think I’m getting close!

I ran an update that seems to have fixed the fans not ramping up issue however the errors still appear on startup but the rig seems to be mining stable and if I reboot it comes back online no problem now

With those strix cards you should be able to get to about 430 Sols/sec with about 110-115 watts. That would be about 1650-1700 at the wall. Is your 1750 number at the outlet?

nice rig man, enjoy it!
For me, I have msi aero itx and I was able to go around -30%. This is the best ratio watt/solution
105 watt → 391 sol/s (OC-ram:+520) power -30% no other special setting.
But still, the best is 1080ti for zcash :slight_smile:
1080ti evga hybrid (OC-gpu:+114, ram:+850) power -30% 175 watt ->689 sol/s

Yes I agree 1080ti is best, my next rig will be 13 1080ti’s :muscle::ok_hand:

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But right now I’m building out some infrastructure in an out building on my property. Power and ventilation etc. Once that is done I will scale out, this rig was just a test albeit it is paying nicely!

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