Folks: I encourage you to donate to .

Two reasons:

First of all, every penny/satoshi/zatoshi you donate goes directly to a Venezuelan. This is the best way to help people, instead of sending them food, or shoes, or insulin or whatever because what if you send them food but they needed shoes or you send them shoes but they needed insulin? This way, you send them money, and they use it to buy whatever they need most. Free markets are the best humanitarian aid system humanity has yet devised.

If you think about it, sending money empowers the local shoe sellers and grocers and pharmacists. On the other hand, sending shoes and food and medicine drives the local shoe sellers, grocers, and pharmacists out of business.

Second of all, if you donate this way, they receive the currency that you donated e.g. ZEC, BTC, or USD. This is important because a big part of why these people are suffering is that their fiat currency — the Venezuelan Bolívar — has failed, taking with it both their savings and their ability to earn and to trade. By sending aid money in a better currency, you’re helping create an alternative for them and their communities.

I know the people behind it — the people who make up the company AirTM — and I trust them to do this honestly and professionally.

By the way, this is 100% legal in USA. The U.S. Treasury Department even wrote an entire FAQ to try to dispell myth that donating to needing Venezuelans is illegal. It’s completely legal.

They have a goal to raise $1,000,000 in order to help 100,000 individual Venezuelans. You can help right now!


We could donate our mining equipement as well … I mean they are fine with mining at the lowest electricity costs worldwide … As for most of us it’s no longer profitable these guys there could mine actually for a longer… Half kidding/half serious :slight_smile:

Unless you have a trusted route to get your goods into Venezuela (ie: smuggle) they’re likely to be stolen.

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Zooko shared these, AirTMs pretty cool


Zcash just got a black eye

Ha! Lol yeah Im sure poverty stricken Venezuelans will see through the ad campaign and turn down that free money, 100 families get $100 apiece (yes one hundred whole dollars) and yet
“I have seen so many campaigns to give away crypts to individuals, that I only see it as an advertising strategy for those who plan to donate them.”
“I do not see how donations from # cryptocurrencies help individuals in (Venezuela),” José Rafael Peña, editor of Spanish-language cryptocurrency news outlet CryptoNoticias wrote.
(Heres one way they could help Government Paying Old Age Pensions in Petros, Without People’s Consent | Caracas Chronicles)
Good to know José speaks for everyone

I cant tally this right now but is the current total of the rest of it and I imagine it dwarfs the coinbase donation, dont suppose theyd gotten so mad if it was BCH instead huh?
657.799 BCH
30180.35 AirUSD
186.12 ZEC-T
113.01 ZEC-Z
0.09918598 BTC
431.7816 KMD
3.6792706 DASH
1462.98 XLM
1.42455 ETH
2.78036683 LTC
6499 BURST
6.7589 ETC
82 XRP

this is awesome news, hopefully the folks who got that $1 in ZEC were able to easily get some money and buy what they needed. Is coinbase fully set up over there so folks can sell for local fiat and withdraw into their banks?

Not sure, gut says no but I bet theres alot of p2p going on
In the above article 12 days of coinbase it says

Why give crypto rather than cash? Many families lack reliable access to bank accounts, and even if they do, the Bolivar (the fiat currency of Venezuela) is highly inflated and volatile. As a result, cash gifts can be of little value to many of those in need — but crypto and’s network of vendors provides a direct, stable line of support.