Campaign: Merry Christmas in Venezuela with Zcash

Greetings, global Zcash community!

We have created this campaign to help 10 Venezuelan families with few resources this Christmas.

You can make your donations through the Zpage we created in Free2Z.

We thank you in advance for your support by donating and spreading the word.


Thank you for your donations!

The Zingo Labs team and other community members have started donating.

We’ll make it possible this Christmas too!

Let’s keep supporting, spreading the word and donating!

(In the comments of the Zpage you can see the donations received so far)

We made it possible!

We have closed the campaign and successfully met our goal.

In a future Zpage I will be giving you the details of the process.

Thank you, Zcashers!



Here you can see the details of this campaign that was a success, thanks to you…