Airdrop to poor people

I love this idea:


This should be on world economic forum… Maybe next year?

P.s: zcash needs to go top 10 on coinmarketcap first (more adoption) or coinbase (why litecoin is on coinbase i have no idea)

this has been tried for decades via random aid programs. main problem is IQ distribution/IQ being mostly genetically inheritable. third world consumes more than it produces, and helping hands from the 1st world creates unnatural abundance. most places in africa are already caught in a malthusian trap. population decline’s going to be horrible, terrifying, and it’s mainly going to be caused by well meaning people that don’t understand what they’re doing.

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I think there needs to be a happy medium - instead of air dropping funds, the fund should be used to build the necessary infrastructure so they can support themselves, as opposed to just giving them money/crypto/etc. It should be used for irrigation, healthcare, schools, shelters, lighting, internet, etc. If the fund took that approach, it could then by default build crypto payment systems in those areas, opening the flood gate on other philanthropic investment via blockchain and smart contracts. You could pay local workers helping build this infrastructure in crypto, which will help educate the masses in those areas and help with overall adoption. I don’t believe handing poor people crypto or money is the answer, but giving them the opportunity to help themselves could be.

As the article suggested, a fund could help with crypto adoption, but I believe the approach is a bit off. I know if I was one of the crypto rich I would be helping others, but you also can’t fuel a problem with money or crypto - the system itself needs to change for it to succeed. (Sort of how here in the US, we really need to invest more into education, but since the reward of doing so is years out, people allocate money incorrectly - i.e. the war on drugs. If you spent that money truly on education (not educating on drugs, education in general where everyone, not just the wealthy, have equal education opportunity), then the problem would solve itself over time).

Love the idea, but the approach needs to be different in order for it to succeed in the long run. (Or at least that’s my opinion)

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I would vote for giving the poor cash in their hand .

no need to waste charity money for organizations that will take 90% of the money as salaries and expenses and they do nothing or very little .

if you wanna see how the organizations are “Helping” the poor, watch this . its in LA in the USA not a developing country or a poor state .

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That’s a very different situation, LA is fully developed, and I agree, depending on the organization tons of money doesn’t get used properly, which is terrible! However, people need to learn to earn and build - giving the person some money might help temporarily, but giving them opportunity and the tools to help themselves can change the rest of their life as opposed to just helping in the short term.

Edit: that all said, I would never turn down someone offering to give me money lol.

It’s really not enough to say ‘its terrible’. Those bullshit artists shall be stopped from looting people.

Oh I 100% agree with that, pure scum of the earth! Especially taking money meant to go to others in need, they need a swift karma check for sure! I bundle: terrible, horrible, horrendous, awful, etc. Into one bucket - and generally just use it for really bad things like this, but I agree, terrible might not explain the situation, but there are definitely worse situations out there as well.