Am I mining correctly?

Hi, I’m completely new to mining and I believe that I am currently mining but I need some help confirming a few things. I’m on the website and I copy and pasted the wallet address I received when I went through the mining setup process on Linux. I currently have between 3-5 miners running at a given time (at this time 3 with a combined hashrate of 41H/s) and an unpaid balance or .00784 ZEC. My problem is that when I click on my ‘t’ address at the top of the page, I’m taken to a page in the block explorer which displays ‘Page Not Found’ which has been like this for over 24hrs, my only assumption is that I’m not fully registered as a zcash miner. My second question is related and probably hand-in-hand with the first but how do I actually claim the ZEC that I’ve accumulated already?

Thanks in advance!


no problem here. just use Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool.
registration isn’t required at all on flypool, seeing as zec(s) are paid direcrly to the t or zaddr which you supplied as username with the -u flag.

Thank you for the reply, whats the ‘-u flag’? Is it the fact that I need to tie this in with and actual wallet address in order to get paid?

-u flag is in relation to username which in this case in the t or zaddr, separated by a ‘.’ and then a string which can be anything you want. see Zcash Flypool - Zcash (ZEC) mining pool

You are correctly mining to that address on pool, but there have been no payouts to that address so that address would not be found by the block explorer. Check what payout limit you have set in the “settings” link on flypool

Hi Manlabor, looks like I’m all set on that now in terms of being paid out but I have another issue now… Can’t find my Z address and my Linux (Ubuntu) system crashed losing all of my code files. I think I’m really screwed now :sweat: