AMD Drivers Auto Update via Windows

Just a heads up to anyone using AMD cards - There is an update Via Windows update that will push/force a driver update that could break your mining platform

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Thanks for the head’s up. Is there a source to link to?

That’s typical for Windows 10 “automate your life” crap :slight_smile: They need to ‘fire’ whoever designed this feature to be on 'auto enable"
anyway, google disable driver updates windows 10…you can tweak the local windows policy to disable this totally.

you can in Windows 10 pro, but not so much in Home. When this particular rig was setup it was done with windows 10 home… nightmare! Just to lazy and cheap to update to 10 pro… made a mistake, learned from it, have not repeated it with additional rigs!

may be this helps.

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as mentioned by @juhub u will need to manually enable the Group Policy Editor to be able to disable the auto updates in home version or you can check the and get a win 10 pro license for less than 10 bucks…