MSI Z170A SLI PLUS won't start with 4g enabled in Win 10.please Help!

Hello guys and thank you for reading this:
I am absolutely new in mining,have recently bought 6 RX 470 cards (2xSapphire Radeon RX 470 4GB OC,2x Sapphire Radeon RX 470 8GB GDDR5 Nitro,1xAMD RX 470 4GB XFX triple x single fan and 1xxfx rx 470 4gb black edition dual hard swap fans).
I bought exactly what was available on the market,probably bought it overpriced but here we go.followed this link: How to Build a 6 GPU Cryptocurrency Mining Rig in 2022 - Crypto Mining
I firstly bought ethos 1.2.2 from or so and it took me a while until I managed to get all 6 cards seen by the motherboard(I had to update the bios to the latest version and then simply to enable 4g). and get about 130 MHS at 850W,I got 2 PSU evga platinum 750w each.every card is powered from a different socket,I am not running 2 cards from the same cable.
now I have seen that in windows 10 and claymore people get better hashrates(i mine ETH btw).
I installed win 10 and enabled 4 g and it wouldn’t boot,disabled 4g and I managet to boot the windows 10 64bits.
I went and installed crimson and after that noticed that in device manager I saw all 6 cards but 5 of them had the warning sign next to it.started claymore and it said that only 1gpu was detected.
how do I manage to get my cards detected by win 10 ?I tried to do it one by one and it said that the best driver was already installed but they were still showing the warning sign?is this because I have 4 different brands of rx 470 or so?
have other people experienced the same?
everything works perfectly in ethos but I cannot manage to get them seen in win 10 64bit
if I could get at least one card at a time,I would be happy,because the only thing I would like to do in windows is to flash the bios of the cards for better mining rate,I have seen plenty of youtube videos but all of them require win 10 64bit ,linux OS is useless for me,have no idea how to do it.
also,by not enabling 4g in win 10,would be possible for the MB to see all 6 cards?because I don’t know how to start the win 10 with 4g enabled,are there any other settings to be done in the latest bios of the MB?I dounbt that windows can see 6 cards if the 4g is not enabled in the bios of the MB,but maybe you know better than me.
sorry about writing that much!
any advice would be much appreciated.
PS: I am running win 10 64 bit on a DREVO SSD G4400 proc and 4Gb memory ddr4 2133 or so

a simple forum search of MSI Z170A SLI PLus found


The second is a video for the z270 version but should give you idea’s on settings

Read that already,thanks.

Do you have 4g enabled or disabled? once you have installed the drivers and and verified three cards with it disabled, you install the additional cards, enable 4g

In order to be able to boot win 10 I got to disable 4g.
I will remove all drivers installed because atm only one card out of 6 is seen by the windows,I think it’s a xfx rx 470 and will try to install a fresh copy of crimson with only one card connected directly into the slot 0 then repeating the process for other cards.
So you reckon I first should install 3-4 cards then turning on 4g?