AMD VEGA hashrates?

Heard that if you can get your hands on VEGA these are the ultimate GPUs to use! But not really seen many rigs. If anyone is using these please share photos and scores!

I have two of the $999.00 Vega and they are not what you heard, they get 445 H/s to 510 H/s

A 1080ti hybrid does 160% more H/s than a AMD Vega, a 1070TI is half the price and does the same rates

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From what I have read, they’re VERY good for mining monero but not so good for everything else.

I use few Vegas 64 for Monero … this is ultimate card for cryptonight algo… 1700H/s for 140W or over 1950H/s for 165W - best efficiency card ever. For ZCASH is not so good … and 1070(ti) has much more better efficiency

here is my night test setup picure :slight_smile:

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good for other coins, not so good for equihash

What are your thought on the hybrid 1070ti vs the hybrid ?

Are you asking my thoughts on a regular 1070ti vs the Hybrid?
IMO the hybrid is better on any version of any card

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amazing, did he say how much he spent on this?