RX570 4G and RX580 8G ZCash Mining Speeds

Found this on youtube a few hours ago and though you all might find the results of interest.
I have sapphire nitros on the way to me now (few hours til touchdown), one of each 570 4g (actually i ended up with an 8G model) and 580 8g, so I can confirm these findings shortly.

Note: this video is in Russian, but the benchmarks are easy to see, he is using claymore.

my tests:

Update: 570 8g pulse micron memory bios mod


mmm, not much chance compared to the RX470.

I will stick to the RX470.

Already replacing some R9 280x Vapor-x cards for the RX470.
Just because of the power consumption.

hm, seems the 570 isn’t really worth it.

better for the money, get them while you can
just got my 570 and 580 in to play around with

sapphire 580 looks a bit longer than the 480

293 sol/s in zcash at 123 watts = 630$ at.07889,
586$ usd at.12 cents

ill test them out today, hopefully i can edit and upload a mining performance video today


Looking forward to a comparison against RX 470!

the rx570 is a fail!

Cool. I’ll buy the STRIX. Please show us the speeds in mining with the new cards.

power consumption is higher, its really not worth it for 500 series, stick to 400 series
ill have my tests uploaded soon

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can’t wait your new post brother…


Oh dear. Ok I’ll wait for Vega and stick with my 2 R9 390 so far. Big Thx @cryptomined for letting us know!

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yup, vega in 1-2 months… and volta has been moved up to Q3 this year based on rumors in china (though i dont trust anything anyone in china says)

Have to ask: What’s volta?

Edit: never mind, I found it. Nvidia.

Thank you for running and publishing these tests. Maybe things will get better as drivers are updated and Claymore optimizes for the cards…

The thing is that the difference, from my reading, between the RX480 and RX580 is nothing more than a change in the 14 nm process AMD is using to make the chip. Otherwise, they are exactly the same, i.e. no driver change needed, no VBIOS change (although some timings may be slightly different), etc. Design-wise, it’s the same chip.

  1. Thank you Cryptomined for the video!
  2. Congrats on 1,200+ views!!
  3. Since you tested the 570/580 cards using the 17.4.3 drivers will the 16.12.2 drivers work on it? Asking since that seems to be the magic number for optimal performance on the 4xx series.

not sure about 16.12.2, but 16.11.4 did not work for me

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Seems it’s possible to flash RX480 to RX580 but doubt it will be of use to mining since the higher voltage needed for 580 speeds