Zcash Mining Pool Profitability Comparison

Recently we have launched PoolWatch.io which provides, among others, an ongoing and representative comparison of the profitability of several large Zcash mining pools.

Compared to other mining pool benchmarks we actively mine on each pool at the same time, with similar hardware on a continuous basis. Our system tracks exactly how much hashrate was sent to each pool (accepted shares) as well as the balance evolution of our pool wallets. With the confirmed pool hashrate and balance increase we can calculate a normalized weekly income for each pool. To diminish the impact of pool luck on our results we use a long comparison time of 1 week. For more information check out the FAQ on our site.

Our results are updated on a 15 minute basis and available at https://www.poolwatch.io/coin/zec.

If you have any questions or improvement suggestions please feel free to let us know.

Transparency statement: bitfly operates pools for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic & Zcash which are also included in the comparison. We commit ourselves to always provide objective results and never to alter any result in favor of our pools nor to adjust the methodology in any way that favors our pools. If you find an issue with our testing method please get in touch with us.


Hi, is your website still in operation?

this one works: Zcash (ZEC) Equihash | Mining Pools


Is it concerning that - according to that list - viabtc.net has around 53% of the known hashrate? Even the website itself suggests that people should use a different pool to help decentralisation.


It is concerning that one company pays >50% of miners with respect to potential censorship of transactions, re-orgs, and things. They also receive 5% of half the block reward making them one of the highest paid zcash ecosystem partners, up there with ZCG, ECC, & ZF. Shielded transactions themselves are theoretically safe even if one miner controlled the entire network, sender, receiver, amount, and memo would still be secret. Censorship could happen if viabtc decided to only process transparent transactions