[ANN][EXCHANGE] Cryptxc.com - Crypto Exchange

Hi everyone, I would like to announce a new crypto currency exchange - https://cryptxc.com

You may ask why another exchange?

There are several reasons, here are a few of them. With the recent and long documented history of exchanges collapsing or getting hacked or charging huge fees we thought it was time for a change. CryptXC aims at being the next go to exchange for your digital currency needs. There are a few main tried and tested exchanges but not many other options.

CryptXC hope to bring the following features that we hope will make your trading experience as fast and safe as possible;

  • Security - Security is our top priority, as part of our security plan a large portion of users funds are stored offline in cold storage wallets. Two-Factor authentication is also available for users to add an extra layer of security to their account.
  • Fast Deposit/Withdrawals - We know you like to be fast paces, so here at CryptXC no more waiting for deposits and withdrawals. Withdrawals are instant and deposits are credited as soon as the minimum confirmations are met. No waiting days on end trying to contact support for your deposits/withdrawals.
  • Fast Trade Engine - Our trade engine has been designed from the ground up with security and speed in mind. Our engine processes and executes as soon as they are submitted so no more delays or crossed order books.
  • Complete and detailed API - CryptXC was build with high frequency trading in mind and our complete and detailed API will help you with this. From depositing to withdrawing to submitting orders and cancelling orders it can do it all. Our API is fully documented at the link below.

How can you trust CryptXC?

I believe trust can only be built and earned over time. I plan on operating CryptXC with the utmost highest integrity and honesty possible and will be as transparent as possible with any questions you all may have. This is the only way I believe trust can be built.

This thread will be monitored and any personal messages will be answered, trolls and spam will be ignored. I will also list some quick helpful links and other ways to contact below.

Current Markets

USD (Coming Soon)

Add Currency/Feedback?

We are always open to adding new currencies and features and love to hear feedback! Please let us know if there are any currencies you wish to be added.
Please note that the stability and security of the server and service as a whole comes first before adding any currency or feature.