[ANN] Swisscoinex - New Cryptocurrency Exchange



We are happy to announce that today, after 1 year of development, live trading is now open on Swisscoinex: a brand-new, secure, Switzerland-based cryptocurrency-only exchange.


In the past, cryptocurrency exchanges have been plagued with security issues, dubious practices and poor reliability. We built Swisscoinex with a cutting-edge security setup and robustness in mind, aiming to provide our customers with only the best trading experience.

1. The best security is what our customers deserve. We went to extreme lengths to ensure the integrity of the platform is protected from most attack scenarios. Read more about our security measures on our dedicated security page.

2. We offer an intuitive and responsive platform design, as well as lower fees than most of our competitors.

3. As a part of our launching campaign, we waive all trading fees until the end of the year! Come trade for free!

Watch our video —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naI7q3x4HpQ

We hope you will enjoy the service and are looking forward to your feedback.

!We offer ZCASH as the base currency for 9 markets!

The Swisscoinex team


"Switzerland-based" => Why should we trust that? I cannot see any information about your team? Where are you staying? What kind of "Swiss" company are you? Are you registered @ shab?

There was a coin with similar name (Swisscoin) which was a scam.

I love this Swissness all over the world =). Greeting from "real" Zurich....

because this one is designed to steal those zec’s baby :wink:

We plan to incorporate in January, we're studying our options at the moment.

If you're ever in "real" Lausanne, shoot us an email and we can meet.

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I love the national pride in this thread. But unfortunately https://swisscoinex.com/ seems to be down.

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thank you Lausanne…for nothing!