Antminer Z9 Mini into mineral oil. But It isn’'t work

Hi Guys,
I have put already the miner into mineral oil. But It isn’'t work. I think the problem is Fan speed too low (only around 240 rps). Besides that, According to Bitmain, The antminer Z9 mini will be work When Fan speed range from 3000 rps 4000 rps.
Although, I always keep the the temperature of mineral oil low with a cooling system. I Think We need to fool the Main Chip of ASIC. But, I dont know how to do that?
Please help me how to fix it
Thank you very much

I’m assuming the fan is in the mineral bath? Can you extend the fan connector and place it outside of the bath? Maybe you could remove the blades of the fan to avoid the fan noise.

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If you could keep the blades spinning freely you could wrap the whole fan in plastic wrap and duck tape or something as a soundproofing measure without diminishing the capacity of the fan
Perhaps watertight so it could still be submerged

I think there are as well Fan remover/simulator/spoofers available that fix the problem and just simulate that the fans are running full speed.

From an ebay offer i just googled as i have not much time:

This device is designed to trick the Bitmain Antminer (or server/other device) into thinking the fan is spinning at full speed.

One device does 2 fans. (You need one device per Antminer)

You can completely remove the fans if you are cooling your device with oil submersion.

Device typically reports fan speeds around 6500-7500 RPM, plenty high enough for an Antminer S9/D3/L3+ etc.

The device also allows you to install low noise fans if you have very cold temperatures or are underclocking your miner.

(Requires 2x 4-pin fan spliter - Not included)


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@Stormy Every single person who bought this article says it works: If I was you, I would buy this article for your solution.


Hi guys,
Thank you so much. I think that’'s a great idea
I will try it

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