How to reduce noise from mini Antminer Z9?

Now, I am using the Antminer Z9 Mini to mine Zcash. I want to put the all of Antminers in the a room and turn on the air conditioner (with 16 degrees Celsius). Could I remove the fans in the Antminer? Does this work normally?
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As far as i know the Z9’s will not run if there is no fan connected to the units… And going with AC is a bad decision for cooling… To much in electricity costs… best practice is to just remove as much heat from the room as possible and replace with fresh cool air with fans… I use (3) 8 inch fans 2 of them are exhaust fans for my room and one is an intake…

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Tks guys,
I asked Bitmain Support. He answered that " We do not suggest remove the fans from miners, since there have to be enough air flow for your miners
Please make sure your miners are in the good condition as below

Operating temperature 15 - 35°C
Surrounding humidity ≤65%
Noise 76 dB

You have actually some options:

1.) Up to your local and room temperature you can lower the fan speed. Less fan speed, less noise.

2.) Put the miner into mineral oil, than you can remove the fans as well and even may go on higher hashrate limits. Some of my friends have whole asic farms in mineral oil, especially these that have access to solar energy prefer this method as higher hashrate means as well higher electricity consumption.



your second option is pretty unrealistic for most casual miners xD…

interesting pics :smiley:

Hello boxalex,
Thanks for your suggestion, I am really interested with option 2. So I have some questions
1, When you remove the fans, Is It works? Because I asked Bitmain Support. They do not suggest remove fans from miners
2. What material is the aquarium made of?
3. In the picture 2, There is a small fan above the Power Supply Units, What is it for?

Thank you very much?

1.) If i remember right, i don’t asic mine anymore, on some models it causes problems if you remove or even replace the fans with other models/types.
2.) It really shouldn’t matter what material the “aquarium” is made of. I guess the cheaper the material the better. My guess is that plastic is used for most. The ones some friends use aren’t even transparent.
3.) My guess is it’s due point 1.), just the miner works and doesn’t get errors. Pretty sure the fan is set to 0% and not working. Just my personal guess of course. I’am pretty sure there is plenty of documentation or posts around on the “asic liquid cooling” topic…

All Bitmain ASIC miners will not run without original fans attached. You have to install a personalize software to be able to use (or not use) other components.

hello @Stormy

I installed an additional fan to it and the rpm of the fans came down a bit. I bought the additional fan on AliXpress, the cost was ridiculously low.
The installed fan came down from 3840rpm on auto speed to 3360rpm auto speed after I installed the second fan.

  • I have it in a self constructed silent-box.

Hi Guys,
I have put already the miner into mineral oil. But It isn’'t work. I think the problem is Fan speed too low (only around 240 rps). Besides that, According to Bitmain, The antminer Z9 mini will be work When Fan speed range from 3000 rps 4000 rps.
Although, I always keep the the temperature of mineral oil low with a cooling system. I Think We need to fool the Main Chip of ASIC. But, I dont know how to do that?
Please help me how to fix it
Thank you very much

I can replace any fans. maker rpm is freedom.(I use SANYO fan at 2500rpm)
The result of the examination my Z9 mini , it’s need 3V 200Hz for pin3.
This signal mean 6000rpm and able to pass the fan rpm check.