Second Antminer Z9


just got my second z9 miner… just like my first z9 miner, the ethernet cable is connected to my wireless router. It is connected to the same PSU as my first z9 miner. I press Start on the ‘IP Report’ app and hold the IP button on the hardware down for 5 seconds, then see the fault light blink once. The ‘IP Reporter’ program does find my machine…

Am I missing something?


yes… to me you’re doing it the hard way…

you should just use advanced Ip scanner Free version

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Resolved. Firewall was up.


I notice that the airflows OUT of mine, in one direction, but, on the other miner, the airflows IN that way.

Is there any reason one would reinstall the fan, backwards? Does it matter? Seems legit either way… Should I undo it?


Just some thoughts:

  • as citricacid allready mentioned, best use the advanced ip scanner free version to find the antminers, it’s for sure the most easy way out of all possible. No need of the ip hold button and whatever others apps.

  • Set the ip “hard” in the antminer menu under network and use the google name servers best there. There are circumstances where the antminer reset or change the ip if not done. Just in case you didn’t do allready.

  • About the fans. It’s mostly up where the antminers are, how you (eventually) cool them. For example if they are right next to to another it’s best that the airflow goes the same direction. If one is out and the other is in both can actually take the hot exhaust air as intake air from each other if they are just next to another. Make sure both fans ( i guess the Z9 has 2) must pull the air into the same direction, just in case 1 fan is setup wrong…

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Or just run this PowerShell one-liner:

1..254 | ForEach-Object {Get-WmiObject Win32_PingStatus -Filter "Address='192.168.0.$_' and Timeout=200 and ResolveAddressNames='true' and StatusCode=0" | select ProtocolAddress*}
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Yea sounds like a fan is on backwards, if the temps ok it doesn’t seem like a big problem


Eventually cool them? Do they get hotter over time??


Yeah, the seller admitted that he may have installed it backwards after ‘cleaning the fan’… runs fine… specs are similar to my other z9… maybe it doesn’t matter! miner bursts into flames

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I would be more concerned that they took it apart to clean it compared to just using compressed air.


actually really a lot of peopl took the fans off,while cleaning with compressed air, including me.

Every single month i used to remove the fans and use compressed air for cleaning. Every second month removed as well the hashboards for cleaning. For me a removing fans isn’t of any concern.

IF something is for concern why the seller wasn’t able to put the fan into the correct flow direction…

I don’t know where you live but there is a good chance that in summer your temperatures are hotter and up to your location and the room the asics are, maybe extra cooling is needed…

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