Let's get a 6 or more GPU's supported mobo thread going

There’s already sites and threads dedicated to card benchmarks.
Time for a thread focused entirely just on mobos supporting 6 or more cards.

First off…

Q: Any of you got any of these boards sailing successfully with 6 or more GPUs, looking for new comers as my usual mobo of choice is OOS:

asus prime b250-plus
gigabyte h170 hd3
msi z170a plus
asrock z97 anniversary
biostar z170 GT7
msi z270 pc mate

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Hi there :slight_smile:

I’ve recently ordered 6x1050tis and am looking for the a decent board in terms of prices and the ability to run 6 gpus… Could anyone suggest any ? I am looking at getting a asus b150 plus .

I’ll post back in 2 weeks time when the cards arive and i’ve assembled my very first rig.


I only have 1 1050ti running right now at 140sols. Hash power of 12x1050ti is equal to about 4 1070. but considering the inflated price of 1070, I think you’re saving some money there going with 1050ti. If you have the space then that’s good

I reckoned a 4GB card at R2300 was a good deal. I read up that they hash about 13mh/s? So i thought if i’d build two 6X1050 rigs , it should be the same as getting one 1070 but work out a lot cheaper. I’m not sure if my logic is warped though … This is my 1st rig after all :slight_smile: What settup do you have ? @aaron3719

R2300 = 175,66 usd . Sorry i made a typo :slight_smile:

oh okay, i was gonna say hook me up!

hahahaha :slight_smile: There’s plenty of space in Africa :slight_smile:

Where are you in Africa, is it always sunny?

hahaha I’m in South Africa :slight_smile: Dude, we were doing rain dances and shit for a bit of rain!! Most of our dams are currently running dry but we had an intense storm that hit us last week. Where are you mining from?

I’m in New York. I do hope Zcash is here to stay.

The big apple :slight_smile: thats dope … Same here hahahaa to be completly honest though, i wasn’t even aware its a Zcash forum hahaha The mh/s rate i said above reffers to Etherium currency but im defs checking out Zcash.

I can’t wait to setup my rig though … im having a small pride of lions guard my farm. Like they say, anyone can get past a dog but no one fucks with the king of the jungle :slight_smile:

ASUS Z270 Prime A
Supports 9 GPU, 7 + 2 if you have two m.2-to-pci converter
Windows will max out at 8 gpu’s though.


dude, this is amazing!!

Anyone know how long it takes for flypool to update your stats? I just started to mine with them

Should let the miner run for 24 hours before you start to see any stats resembling that of local.

Thanks added to list :slight_smile:

UPDATE - Thu Jun 29 06:48:56 CST

Here is a list of latest known mobo’s with 6-7 lanes.

ASRock Z97 Anniversary, 6
ASRock H81 PRO BTC, 6
ASUS Z270 Prime A, 7
Biostar Motherboard TB250-BTC, 6
Biostar Motherboard TB85, 6
Biostar Z170 GT7, 6
MSI Z170A Plus, 6
MSI Z270 PC Mate, 6
MSI Enthuastic Gaming Intel Z170A, 7


http://www.biostar.com.tw/app/en/mb/introduction.php?S_ID=884 , 12 pci-e slots… enough said :wink:
(that said… i would say let’s wait and see if it works first, during a demonstration somewhere from what i remember… it didn’t yet)

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Seems @cryptomined stocks them https://cryptomined.com/images/hardware/biostar12_3.jpg.
Wonder if he can give us the confirm :smile:

was supposed to get it about now, or this next week, but seems like they are stuck in customs, so im still waiting. The boards are made in taiwan and send to china (a rarity?)