Any Official Answers To These Questions?

  1. When will ZeroCoin be released?
  2. How many coins will be owned by the investors, and how will they get these coins?
  3. How many coins will be made during the slow mining period (First 20,000 blocks?)?
  4. Will there be any markets that list ZeroCoin from day 1?
  5. Is ZeroCoin being purposefully designed to be less efficient for GPU mining?
  1. Maybe in 2016

  2. 10% to be leaked out at a rate of 20% of coins issued per block for the first 4 years [corrected after seeing Voluntary’s post below]

  3. Block number N will give N x 0.0005 to miners and N x 0.000125 to founders/devs/investors for a month until it reaches the final 10 / 2.5 coins per block (for 4 years, like bitcoin was supposed to do). [total is 10/2 x 20,000 = 100,000 as Voluntary says]

  4. What? You know exchanges add coins like bulls take heifers. There will be 83 coins produced on day one, not likely to be on exchanges on day 2.

  5. Yes. See this from the CEO: Speculative mining discussion - #7 by zooko Currently there does not seem to be any public code that makes GPU mining faster for solving Equihash and it will cost more electricity. The reason is that it is based on needing to sort data which has always been GPU’s weak spot in comparison to CPUs.

  1. Zerocoin and Zcash aren’t quite the same thing. The Zcash mainnet may begin as early as September / October - hopefully this year.

  2. The Founder’s Reward is %20 of the block reward for the first four years. That amount of ZEC will gradually approach %10 of all the ZEC ever created.

  3. Approximately 100000.

  4. Unlikely.

  5. The Zcash proof of work, Equihash, requires intensive memory bandwidth which is certainly present on modern graphics cards. A private GPU Equihash implementation purports to be 3x faster than the publicly available CPU miner but details beyond that are scant.

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