ZERO - fork of Zcash with harder mining params

Hi there,

As you see this is my first post here.

I found this on btctalk and saw that this is a clone of zcash but my miner didn’t work .

Could you share your opinion about it?

Worth trying to mine?

Is anyone here who is able to develop an efficient GPU miner for this ? It seems the RAM requirements are quite big.


Equihash N=192 k=7 could fit into 4GB GPU, and parallelism of GPU over CPU could get some advantage.

So I don't think it will return the power to CPU owners, nothing revolutionary here from my point of view. Dynamic increase of Equihash parameters as a difficulty could be more interesting.

What about a miner - I guess you can get any basic GPU miner, from example Tromp's, and patch it to a new parameters.

I saw a miner dev posted that there will be a miner in few days with a 2.5% fee with 8-9sol/s for a 8GB GPU. It seems for the moment it doesn't work for 4GB GPU.

We shall see about returning power , maybe there are some people with free electricity considering the diff.

Anyway thanks for sharing your opinion.