Anyone Able to Withdraw From Gemini?

Hi everyone :wave:

I usually like to build up my ZEC before I withdraw it from the exchange. However, today I noticed when I went to withdraw on Gemini, it said I had 0 available to withdraw. I searched on Twitter and some people posted the same question. But it doesn’t appear to be that many asking yet or noticing.

Is anyone here experiencing this on Gemini? It doesn’t have to be ZEC, but any crypto that’s in your wallet on Gemini.

I bought a couple during the collapse. So, I would understand if those weren’t available for withdraw yet. But the bulk of them already cleared the holding phase Gemini has after you purchase a crypto.

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Wow…. I might have just gotten fked by “The Winklevoss Twins.” We’ll find out soon enough…


My account shows ZEC available for withdrawal. Please contact Gemini’s customer support team. They’re generally pretty responsive.


I just did a withdrawal from Gemini just to be extra extra sure. Everything worked as expected, money is in Ywallet now.


Thank you all for replying. I’m still not able to withdrawal from the mobile app or the website. I’m like the other people on twitter that aren’t able to withdrawal from Gemini. I tried the website just now and this is what I see. It’s strange, I get the same message for other cryptos I bought 6 months ago. I’ll reach out to Gemini, but I don’t know how helpful that will be. It seems people are not getting responses.


fwiw it usually takes a few days to clear and be available for a withdrawal, so if you bought within last 3-6 days that might be it


Thank you for responding @januszgrze. I was hoping that may be the case. But only about 3-4 ZEC’s out of the 11.78 was purchased this week. The rest was earlier this month and last month. Also, I have a little bit of AMP that I bought about 3 to 4 months ago and I get the same withdraw message as my ZEC. :face_exhaling:

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Just some additional details. I did buy a little bit over 1 thousand dollars worth of Bitcoin as well when it was collapsing earlier in the week. I should get a notification in the next couple of days that will inform me that BTC can be withdrawn.

Once I get that notification, I will see if my ZEC’s and other cryptos that I bought a while back will be now available for withdrawal. I’m assuming that’s the case. If @aquietinvestor and @BrunchTime are able to withdraw then I’m assuming things must be working fine. Just bad timing due to the FTX debacle that it caused alarm when I wasn’t able to the withdraw my previous purchased cryptos.

However, if after I receive the notification that I can withdrawal my crypto’s and it still wont let me…then i’m gonna…


Hey everyone… me again haha…

Anyways, I just received confirmation (regarding my previous comment) that’s exactly what is going on. All of the crypto’s gets placed on hold for withdrawal (even though they were paid for weeks/months ago) until the current transactions get cleared for withdrawal.

I’m going to have to re-evaluate all of this, I really don’t like this process. I guess the solution is to always withdrawal your crypto’s no matter how small the quantity it is.

And regarding my comment I made earlier about “The Winklevoss Twins.” Sorry about that…we’re good.



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Recommend everyone to do self-custody, you never know which exchange is going to blow up.


One big point why I choose to zodl is because I know that I have full access/responsibility to what I own. True ownership in the digital world has never been possible before Bitcoin. While digital cash has never been possible before Zcash.