Withdraw ZEC from Cryptopia


I have my ZEC withdraw in pending by +8h , somebody else have issue with them?


Usually 24hrs is the normal for a service ticket reply if you filed one

got it after 10H

but 3days ago I do a withdraw and I receive it in max 30min

Its cryptopia, its a good exchange but probably understaffed

Verify you sent it to the correct address. I’ve never had any problems with Cryptopia except for the higher fees but I guess there will be fees no matter what.

of course i sent it to a correct address…but 10h in pending …that s alot… as I said before … 3days ago i wait 30min tops

Yeah that is ridiculous… A lot can happen with crypto in 10 hours…

today I make another Zcash withdraw and again… I wait more then 8h …and it’s not a big amount …0.17zec

they approve the withdraw manually? that will be fuck up if is a real person who approve each withdraw

Probably, though i dont know for sure
To my understanding your account holdings and trades exist on a database and though your wallet addresses are real individual wallets, the exchange holds the private keys and any withdraws are bound to need approval by something

Here’s how it works I think, you send your cryptocurrency to the exchanges wallet, it’s basically theirs now, when you trade for whatever else, nothing actually moves it’s only changed on the database, only movement happens when you withdraw
Edit- you might consider it a security issue possibly make sure that your account is all the way complete
Also remember its New Zealand time

I cant withdraw from cryptopia couse my zen cash got hack and stolen and some of my ftiends got jack on thete etn… So be careful guys…

I come with a new update/ alternative

I just use ShapeShift from coinOMI wallet (android) to exchange some ZEC to BTC …and damn in max 5min I get the BTC… the part that sucks is that I lose like 3bucks (to a 300 $ transaction ,…like i have zec worth of 300$ and now i have btc worth of 297 $) in this transaction/conversion but fuck it…I hold crypto not withdraw.at least for the next 2 years:stuck_out_tongue: