Gemini issues. am i blacklisted, stupid or?

I guess only some people are allowed to use gemini?

This was after they took my passport info and all my KYC. btw the reason there is no date just timestamps because that was this today (02/may/21) 3:30am my time. I saw an ad for the gemini credit card, and thought it looked a bit of fun.

maybe I had already registered, under an alternate email, thats all I can think of. but none of my emails have any gemini info in them.

it took them 4 minutes to ban me?

anyone else had problems like this? is it because I am from the UK? why did they accept my UK KYC and address then?

Why did they accept my 2FA code?

Ive emailed support, but as their email already states, I cant have an account, therefore cannot have a balance therefore support will probably tell me to go away.

anyone any ideas as to why I am not allowed an account? I have ones on other exchanges, just none that accept/sell zcash.

I would guess because of nationality but Im not sure, I’ve been meaning to set up an account there too but haven’t gotten around to it. I would assume I wouldn’t be allowed on Binance because of the ocean but again not sure.

The privacy policy lists the Euro contacts at tbe top there but are split between fiat and digi-sset’s

Anywhere but Europe

-Fiat services

-Digital Asset services

Gemini Trust Company, LLC NY Entity No: 5002896

(d/b/a Gemini Exchange, LLC in AZ, CA, DE, FL, ID, IL, KS, KY, MA, MI, MN, NC, ND, NM, OH, OR, SD, UT, and VA; d/b/a Gemini Exchange in AK and WA)

315 Park Avenue South, 18th Floor New York, NY 10010-3653


-Fiat services

Gemini Europe, Ltd Company No: 11497305 FCA Register No:

1 Poultry Office 02-102, London, United Kingdom EC2R 8EJ


-Digital Asset services

Gemini Europe Services, Ltd Company No: 12471710 FCA Register No:

1 Poultry Office 02-102, London, United Kingdom EC2R 8EJ

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turns out I am stupid.

I tried to open a second account. here goes pleading.

Thanks for the info @Autotunafish

damn, i dont already have an account. they must just hate me. support ticket 2. in the mean time, anyone else recommend some good exchanges to buy/sell zec/btc/eth/xmr for gbp? at the moment i have to convert everything to btc and use coinfloor (insurance reasons)

good luck, Gemini to me has been a great experience so hope they come through for you too… had a similar experience to yours with Coinbase. I had an account there back in 2014 and they banned me for no reason, couldn’t appeal or ask anyone…some bot sent me an email saying we are closing your account and to withdraw all my coins. I hate Coinbase.

I am stupid.

I already had an account under a different email, one that was linked to an email and 2fa on an old phone i fixed the other day.

thankfully they are cool about it and seem to be letting me keep my original account.

yay gemini!!

i feel pretty foolish, but very happy to be able to use them.