Solo Miners: New FREE OPEN SOURCE Mining Proxy!

Hoooray!! From the Zclassic/Z-NOMP developers, we now have a real, honest to goodness Solo Mining Proxy that’s open source and free! I’m running it now, and it’s super! It doesn’t have a fancy Web frontend, yet, but it is small, fast, and efficient. It supports both “blocknotify” and “p2p” for new block retrieval from your coin daemon - NO POLLING for new work! Thank you dev team!!

Enjoy the FREEDOM and happy mining! (don’t forget to make a contribution, if you can).


Very cool @dlehenky, do you know of any tutorials that we can link here on how to set it up?

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Just go to the linked github page, scroll down and read Simply follow the installation instructions, which are very straightforward. You may want to read the github Z-NOMP, as well, to ensure you have the node.js dependencies. You will not need “redis” for the solo proxy. When you get everything install, let me know, and I’ll share my config.json file with you. Are you running a Zclassic node, I would guess?

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You do realize that you must be running a full Zcash node (wallet) and sync the full blockchain before you can use zcash-proxy, right? Also, with that low a hash rate with your 3 rigs, you will only mine, on average, 1 block (10 ZEC) every 17 days, although with the variance (aka “luck”) involved, it may be a lot longer or shorter than that. Happy mining!

oh god, dont kick me while im down dave!

I was going to add in 2 rigs, in a month or so time if I can get my hands on some good used parts. I figure, my 18 nanos would put a better dent in my eth accumulation than just mining eth alone would.

Hey, by the way thanks for those tips - I was unsure of the order of operations there - . I’m going to just have it running and try my best to put it outta my mind while I look for cheap computer stuff in the meantime - I am willing to run some more electrical out to that shed if needed, the panel I built for my eth setup has a good 12 more circuits.

Of course, you can always mine ZEC on a pool. I’m mining Zclassic solo, but for Zcash I mine on (dr_pra from runs it). I would probably slit my wrists trying to mine Zcash solo, and I have 122 Nanos.

Edit: I also forgot you have Nanos, so the average time for a block would be 11+ days.

Edit2: Sorry, didn’t even recognize your user name - duh!

See, that’s the right idea. I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t even had time to stay researching cryptos like I was, and honestly have no clue what the difference between ZEC and Zcash is…but if I had to guess I’d say a fork of the original.
So, guess I’ll have to decide which direction to start walking in

I’d like to have a rig or two dedicated to mining the off brand obscure cryptos as they emerge - that would be the way to do it

ZEC is the Zcash coin symbol on the exchanges. Zclassic (ZCL) is the fork of Zcash (ala Ethereum Classic), although it wasn’t forked for the same reasons as ETHclassic. Zcash and Zclassic actually cooperate and do some joint development. Then there’s ZenCash, which will fork off of Zcalssic the end of April …

Ah. Okay. I will invest 5%-15% at the most of my hashpower towards the fork end of things, maybe, once I get my rigs all up and running. Thinking of going with a pool at this point, just until I figure things out a bit better, if pra’s in charge.

I spent a good 9 months last year on ethpool. his rewards were consistent and I got plenty of uncles.

btw that was just a joke, but I’m sure you know that
im too stubborn to put em on a pool right now, I need to waste a few more precious days of my fading prime.

There’s a new, free, open source solo mining proxy available now:

I’ve been running it for a day now, and it’s looking very good. No Web front-end, yet, but that doesn’t matter to me.

Ey, I maintain the repo. I have some configuration documentation here too

I just added a frontend to it :slight_smile:


any chance in getting a proxy for pools? something like ETH-Proxy would be very interesting


I may make that a seprate project and keep this for solo mining

@anarch3 : Speaking about “separate projects”, how about a stratum rig concentrator? I know on both ETH and ZEC, my farm is more stable, especially when it starts to warm up, with a miner instance per GPU. That makes for a lot of stratum connections to the proxy, which has to send work out to each one, individually. With the concentrator you’d cut the number of connections, and new work delivery, by 6x. I would think the concentrator would be easy with node.js, although I know very little about it. Obviously, it’s just stratum<–>stratum.