How To Mine Using the Innosilicon A9 ZMaster

Hey people,

Newbie over here, and I’d like to ask you all about how to setup a small scale miner using the Innosilicon A9 ZMaster.

Okay so long story short an investor approached me and asked me to research on crypto currencies and how he can make a profit from them.

He tasked me to find out how.

So I began my research, I knew a bit about bitcoin and crypto currencies but was by no means an expert.

So I’d like to call upon the knowledge of people more experienced than me.

So here’s my plan for the investor so far.

  1. Buy the Innosilicon A9 ZMaster from


Well it is the top of the line ASIC for mining zcash and my investor can make back his money in around 60 days.

  1. Get the Ledger Nano S to store his zcash once it is mined.


Because it is very secure.

  1. Buy a linux computer to start the operation.

Zcash apparently was only made for Linux

  1. Buy a PSU and set everything up, so that we can start mining.

That’s my basic plan and I’d like to ask you if there’s anything I’m missing?

I know about the power consumption and all.

Any help from fellow miners/ experts would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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I think you should go for BItmain’s Z9 mini, less power consumption and simple plug and play you just need to do a few settings and your good to go. Have you planned the place and area where you can place these miners and the maintainence cost ?

Thanks for the input.

Okay so to this investor money is not an issue, he can put 500k flat.

So I was going to do it in my back yard cottage, have an air-con system installed. I get free electricity so power is not a problem.

About the z9 mini, I fear that it will become obsolete before it makes back all his money. From research it will take the Innosilicon A9 ZMaster longer to be phased out. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

According to cryptodeals it will take 57 days to break even at $15 a day.

What do you think?

What maintenance costs are involved?

Forgive me if I sound naive I’m a complete new comer.

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Maintainence cost includes electricity bills, and some technical features such as a distribution box (from where you’ll have to install the main power line in parallel to different switches and sockets ) and connectivity wires in the whole room, if you want this setup on a large scale you cant use extensions and simple switches and all otherwise they’ll just melt and all, You need to design the room for proper air flow in/out, electrical wires and sockets with circuit breakers attached to them for power failure and all, and weekly blowing or cleaning your miners and etc have you planned all this ?

ANd i think you’re right on the A9 Account :slight_smile: I’m gonna order mine as well but they are out of stock i guess, and here in venezuela its pretty tough to get these things

The Innosilicon was sold out last time I looked. I would get the Z9 since it is cheaper and it can presumably be overclocked like the Z9 mini. I have heard the Innosilicon miners can’t be overclocked. If the Z9 can overclock it should have no problem doing 50k. You don’t necessarily need Linux to do this operation. You can set the miners to mine to a windows wallet like Jaxx or Exodus and then periodically send the coins to the Ledger Nano S with a Google Chrome app.

Seems the investor has found the wrong guy, lol. 1x PSU doesn’t do the job with a 500k investment.

Just some tips to have in mind:
If you setup a a 500k mining operation with Asic than for sure you need to prepare the room for that first, beginning with electricity up to some kind of air circulation. I have build my own a 100 kw/h asic installation so i can tell you that the preperation if more difficult than the rest. First ensure you have enough electricity, you don’t want 100 asics to be in your room just to find out you have only have 3 sockets but need 100.

Calculate as well VAT, custom fees/taxes, shipping and such things. Internet and the cables for all these asics and after you are going with more as it seems you need a bunch of switches. I personally use only 24 port Cisco switches. Have in mind that most asics are indeed very noisy too, so make sure the room fits into that.

You should consider Awesome Miner Software and some premium license. I doubt with 100+ Asics miners you want to setup each pool for each asic manually. With Awesome Miner you can batch update and change pools, coins, whatever with 1 click for all or part of them.

These steps/thoughs should be the first step. When you are done with these and are ok, than consider the next ones.