Solo mining for the cause

Has anyone got any of their miners running solo? It’s better for the network right and you could get lucky?

I have 2 server PC’s mining to a pool and 1 PC just running as a node for the network.

The single PC is not much in the way of Hash power, but I run it anyway to support the network and validate transactions. Who knows it might get lucky one day and find a block but with only 3H/s it would be like winning the lottery :smile:

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Might have to do that, just run a laptop with core / node, use it as a wallet / statistics monitor for all the other rigs.

I have my 4 x 480 rig with modded bios for ETH solo mining ZEC right now, getting around 100 Sol/S.

Agree that it’s good for the “social cause.” However, any hope of solo mining a block and getting lucky is really a pipe dream.

If you set up your own private pool, however, you may have more luck … considering what type of resources you can pool into it.

how do I set up solo mining? at the moment been mining in pool, but got other machines not so powerful which could do solo mining. thanks.

I’m running solo. 4.5 Sol/s.

How much of a difference in regards to supporting the network is running a node without mining vs mining? How important is the mining?

@fibonacci You’ll never mine anything solo with 4.5 sol/s. Stick to pools, but even then you’ll only be making a few cents per day at the current ZEC price.

I mined solo for the first couple days after launch and didn’t mine any blocks. Switched to flypool since Nov 1st and I’ve mined about 2.2 ZEC so far.