Zcash Mining Equipment- For a Noob


I have been a HODLer of coins for a few years now, including Zcash. I have recently become even more intrigued with the qualities of Zcash. I would like to start mining ZCash (My first foray into crypto mining). Today, all I have is a Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop. I figure that probably is not the best basis to start with and was hoping you all could help me with my Christmas wishlist for myself.

Can you all provide me soup to nuts what would I should purchase to have a relatively efficient rig for mining bitcoins? (i.e PC, GPU, Racks, cooling system, and any other things I am ignorantly missing).

I would really appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

I think this is like, literally, your only choice:


Limited stock, might not be available. Good luck

Edit: the advice below is pretty good, buying the coin is probably a better option

Just buy the coin. Mining Zec ATM is Asic only, and even Asics will be doorstops soon.


Thank you both for the information. I really appreciate it. I have been in the camp of just buying and holding but was hoping that if I began to mine, it would challenge me to learn a bit more. I appreciate your input. Thanks.

This was the topic here last week and it really seems buying the coin is the better option.