Asic: Cpu or Gpu software?

Hey Guys

I have a question regarding the suprnova Dash pool. If i want to download the mining software i need to decide if i want the gpu or cpu mining software. There are no other possibilities. I though asic is a chip for his own but you cant download a software for asic chips. Wich software should i take.

Thx for reading

Sincerely Geekex

It sounds like you’re not really sure what you should be doing with your ASIC. Your first goal should be to find out which coins actually allow you to mine using an ASIC. Then figure out if it’s profitable. Once you’ve decided on a coin, your best bet would be to find a community or forum dedicated to that coin in order to get help quickly and efficiently.

That being said, the Zcash network inherently works against ASIC devices. Your only options are to use a GPU or CPU to mine. I strongly recommend you do some more research before pointing your ASIC device and wasting your time and electricity :slight_smile:

You are right i don’t know that much about ASIC chips. :slight_smile:
I just know that they are the best to mine. Luckily i didn’t bought one till now but i have the opportunity to buy one. But before i invest that money i want to know how anything works because i dont want to lose everything how you said by wasting electricity and other stuff. I thought, that the Dash pool allows to mine with asic because of the x11 algorithm but know i’m smarter ;). Thx very much for that. I dont like the suprnova pool anyway not that much i dont even understand how to config my cpu with the software but that’s an other story. Thx again for the quick help.